TikTok for Artists

TikTok for Artists

I resisted it for years—but finally joined. TikTok looks like it's here to stay, and I had mixed feelings for a long time about hopping on the bandwagon.

As an artist, I get asked a lot about where I work. Do I rent a studio, work from home, or just paint on the side? As a video-based medium, TikTok provides a unique way to show low-production clips of people dancing, teaching, working, etc. I'm personally not here for the dancing (though it's super entertaining to watch), but I'm embracing the app as a way to show my studio and share some behind the scenes videos of work in progress.

Whether you're looking to get into painting, want to see how my artwork is created, or just enjoy seeing the process, follow along and I'll see you over on the app!

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@7thandpalm #fishfriends #oceanart #oceanartist #paintingprocess #artistatwork #acrylicpainting #abstractart #abstractart ♬ Majestic Ocean - DJ BAI

    Andrea Smith 7th & Palm was created to support giving away more time and resources to help others. Giving back 1% of our time, 1% of our profits, and 1% of our products at a bare minimum to the local and global community, 7th & Palm remains committed to a 1/1/1 giving pledge. YOU can be a part of that by shopping small and voting with your dollar! All artwork, stationery and greeting cards, prints, and home goods are created by artist Andrea Smith.
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