Giving Back: Your Dollar Makes a Difference

The average household buys 30 individual greeting cards a year.

And life is too short to waste time standing in line and driving to the store! By subscribing to the Palm Post and having cards, gifts, and artwork delivered to your home, you also:

  1. Save money and get better quality products (The average luxe card costs $6-10 at a big box store, ours are $5.00 with free shipping...and even less with a Palm Post subscription!)
  2. Support a living, working artist and small US-based business
  3. Always have luxe cards and gifts on hand from a socially responsible business

We care. A lot. 7th & Palm was created to give away more time and resources to help others. We are very careful about sourcing everything ethically, and in turn, support many other small businesses with similar values and goals.

By shopping and sharing the 7th & Palm brand with others, you are supporting this 1/1/1 philanthropy model as we pledge to give away our success in the following ways:

  • Time: 7th & Palm pledges to give 1% of our time annually to volunteer projects and service in the community.
  • Equity: 7th & Palm pledges to give 1% of our profits annually through donations to organizations we support and believe in.
  • Product: 7th & Palm pledges to give 1% of our product annually to nonprofit organizations through local fundraisers.