Sparking Joy

Sparking Joy

In my quest for starting the new year off right, I jumped on the purging bandwagon and binge-watched Marie Kondo's new Netflix show, Tidying Up. Admit it...didn't we all? I dumped my entire closet on top of our bed. Twelve trash bags later, I assured my husband that I had not, in fact, given all of our stuff away.

I'd read about the Kon Mari method for cleaning things out a few years ago, and between Ms. Kondo's philosophies and this decade's minimalism trends and tiny house movements, I've become a big advocate of regularly cleaning out things we don't need. Now—I'm NOT a minimalist. (Is that even possible for an artist? The canvas stash alone needs a closet.) But I do like to read about it every so often to keep me mindful of how much we have. To motivate me and stave off any possible hoarding or cluttering tendencies that might try to take over.

So those old curtains you thought you might need but aren't quite the right look or right size? Not gonna use them...say thank you for serving us well and pitch them. Your giant shoe collection? Give away half, because you don't wear most of them. (You say you will, but you've been saying that for five years.)

On the other hand, I'm a huge advocate of also making the world a more beautiful, intentional place. As a graphic designer and as an artist, I feel it's my calling, so I like to seek out special pieces for our home that tell stories about where we've traveled. I like to buy artwork from other artists that evoke emotion or joy. I love to find decor that makes our house a home. Bare walls won't cut it in our family, and I want our spaces, shelves, and mantle to include pieces that add dimension, color, and bring smiles to our faces.

I also love to create those kinds of pieces for others. Art often tells stories we can't find words for, so I love finding homes for my work that sparks joy for others.

If you like my style and would love to find a special piece for your home or office, I'd love to help you find the perfect painting or print! My artwork is all available online, and can ship anywhere in the United States.

If you'd prefer something custom, I'm accepting commissions for spring 2019 now and have a few spots available. Let me know what you think—I'd love to chat!



Andrea Smith 7th & Palm was created to support giving away more time and resources to help others. Giving back 1% of our time, 1% of our profits, and 1% of our products at a bare minimum to the local and global community, 7th & Palm remains committed to a 1/1/1 giving pledge. YOU can be a part of that by shopping small and voting with your dollar! All artwork, stationery and greeting cards, prints, and home goods are created by artist Andrea Smith.
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