Handwritten Notes to Inspire & Encourage Others

Have you ever received a note right when you really needed some inspiration and encouragements? Or had a hard time finding the right words to say?

One of my favorite parts of the daily grind is to get the mail. And it totally makes my day when there’s an envelope with my name actually handwritten on it, buried in the midst of the bills, credit card offers, and unwanted flyers. When someone takes the time to pick out a special card on really great paper, actually write you a personal note, address and stamp it—that’s love. It doesn't always matter if the words inside are perfect, because it often speaks volumes to know that someone took the time to care and speak from the heart.

To all my fellow stationery connoisseurs and mail lovers, be sure to browse all of our new cards. They're available with free shipping online in the shop or locally at the monthly Artisan Showcase at the Farmer's Market of Bluffton!

While I hand-letter, design, and create the art for each luxe card in my line, they also support local US businesses all the way from the paper manufacturing to the printing, and help give back through our 1/1/1 giving pledge. Say yes to small business and better mail! If you want to find some special new cards, take a look at our new additions to the line.

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