7 Random (& Practical) Acts of Kindness

7 Random (& Practical) Acts of Kindness

It might seem small, but people need people now more than ever. And while everyone has different ways they feel appreciated, it all starts with you. How can you be intentional in caring for others in your life? Sometimes it's all about starting...and just doing one intentional thing a week can make all the difference.

Here are seven ideas to show you care:

  1. Surprise your coworkers with donuts (or healthy snacks)...the gift of food is always a winner. 
  2. Tip a little extra when ordering food. And tip when it's not expected. We never know what circumstances others are walking through, and the extra tiny bit of cash could be a blessing in disguise.
  3. Send flowers to a friend who's not expecting them.
  4. Take the time to listen to someone. Listen especially when it's not convenient for you.
  5. Send a friend a care package. Mail it OR drop if off on their doorstep. Include a card! It doesn't have to be expensive, but it's a great way to support small businesses and cheer up a friend.
  6. Recognize someone's hard work. Whether it's a coworker, a vendor, a client, or your delivery person, you can completely change someone's day with an intentional word of kindness.
  7. Send a card to a friend or family member that you haven't spoken to in a while. Happy mail is the best mail!

7 Random (& Practical) Acts of Kindness | 7th & Palm

The world is very uncertain right now, but there's one thing we can ensure:

Kindness isn't canceled—and it's very infectious.

Let's spread some hope!


Andrea Smith 7th & Palm was created to support giving away more time and resources to help others. Giving back 1% of our time, 1% of our profits, and 1% of our products at a bare minimum to the local and global community, 7th & Palm remains committed to a 1/1/1 giving pledge. YOU can be a part of that by shopping small and voting with your dollar! All artwork, stationery and greeting cards, prints, and home goods are created by artist Andrea Smith.
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