5 Pro Tips for Selecting the Right Artwork for Your Home

5 Pro Tips for Selecting the Right Artwork for Your Home


Most people face a dilemma when selecting the right artwork for their homes. A quality piece of art can significantly transform your home appearance. Based on where you intend to place your artwork, there are some guidelines you should follow to ensure you choose the right piece of art.

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Artwork helps to define your personality. It would help if you considered trying different pieces together to create character in your home. Besides, art is also an investment that you can take with you, and its value can also appreciate with time. Additionally, you only need to spend based on your budget since art prices vary.

The following are some tips you should consider when choosing the right artwork for your home.

1. Office Tips

Whether you work from an office or home, art is ideal for customizing your space and keeping you inspired. The best way to achieve this is to create a rotating gallery. For you to start, you require an extended floating ledge shelf fitted preferably above your workspace or near it.

The advantage of this structure is that it is the only thing you need to hang. Next, you can select a preferred artwork assortment that inspires you. To start, you can put together a mood board, positive images, or pieces by artists who inspire you like modern art in munich by Monika Heckenbachlike.

You can also consider incorporating different sizes, whether big or small. These pieces may be framed differently to add some character, or use similar frames for a minimalist appearance. You can rotate or update these pieces whenever they bore you since you don’t require any nails.


2. Living Room Tips

The most intimidating and fun room to decorate with art is the living room. Most people feel a lot of pressure while decorating their living room since their visitors will see and spend most of their time there. Selecting the most appropriate artwork is fundamental in initiating conversation and creating the feel and vibe of your living room.

You can consider selecting a large gallery wall or a large-scale piece. Sometimes you have to think outside the frame—consider the wall color, texture, and other ways to set your room apart.

Art doesn’t necessarily need to be a piece of canvas or a print, since it can take other forms. Whether you opt for stag horns or a big American flag replica, also consider a piece of original art. This will help you to find a distinctive piece that reflects your personality.


3. Kitchen Tips

The kitchen is one of the most commonly overlooked rooms in terms of artwork. However, in most cases, it’s one of the most used rooms of the house. Hence, some people refer to it as the ‘’heart of the home.’’ Therefore, you should consider incorporating art in your kitchen.

Countertops or areas above cabinets are perfect spots for art. Avoid overwhelming the space, and lean toward pieces that complement smaller spaces. Funny or social prints that can make someone smile are a great way to add personality.


4. Bedroom Tips

Since a bedroom is a retreat and a relaxation place, you should consider incorporating artwork that reflects that. The ideal spots for bedroom artwork are the walls opposite or directly above the bed. Larger pieces are the best to install in the bedroom, and they should be hung at eye level.

It would help if you considered selecting abstract pieces with soothing tones or colors. If you like photography, desaturated or landscape photos work best. It is also crucial to make sure the frames are minimal; canvases and gallery frames also work great. It is essential to focus on the art piece rather than its vessel.


5. Bathroom Tips

The bathroom is also commonly overlooked in terms of art. Find fun artwork that goes with your bathroom vibe. For example, if it’s a powder room on the main level, choose bright and fun pieces. If it’s a master bathroom, select more calm and serene pieces

Bathroom artwork appears more appealing in pairs. A set of either side by side or stacked pieces can look amazing. Try two similar abstract pieces, and play with varying the heigh placement. The ideal places for placing bathroom artwork pieces are either the toilet, above the bathtub, or over the towel or robe hooks.



Before purchasing a piece of art, it is essential to allow yourself to fall in love with it. Artwork can lift moods and often plays a significant role in how people feel when spending time in a room. However, original artwork is one of a kind—so don't hesitate to purchase a piece if you find one that speaks to you!

The above tips can help you when selecting art pieces for different rooms in your house.



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