4 Reasons Why Art Should Be in Your Life

4 Reasons Why Art Should Be in Your Life

Turn on the radio, listen to a song and it will affect your mood immediately. Turn on the TV and watch a series you like, and it will also change your mood. This is the meaning of art—it changes our mood. There are works that can make us excited, happy, sad, pondering big questions or small questions, this is the meaning and this is the importance of art. This is true whether it is a song, a book, a movie or whether it is home art, painting, sculptures, pictures, or anything else. We just have to choose the right piece that will do it for us. Even creating our own art evokes a sense of catharsis. So whether you are just practicing for the fun, or you’re wanting to become semi-professional, it all starts with great art supplies. You may want to look at The Canvas Company. You should always look at starting and see where the hobby takes you. More often than not, we feel that we can express ourselves through art.


Obviously, there are works that stay with us forever, whether it is because they affect us very strongly, and there are works that stay with us for a long time, because they are simply in our environment all the time, such as in our house on the wall.

However, painting ourselves has a wonderful effect. Painting for older adults is an occupational therapy that can help improve the quality of life of the elderly, too. The benefits of painting in older adults are many, from physical, mental to spiritual; the same as painting in children. Here are some benefits for all.

1. Painting benefits the brain
Painting helps stimulate the brain, both the logical and rational side and the creative and emotional side. Thus, the imagination gets a workout, and the brain is trained preventing the appearance of diseases such as Alzheimer's.

2. Painting benefits your mental health
Concentration is another one of the benefits of painting in older adults, as it helps them distance themselves from the problems around them and their possible physical pain. Likewise, it helps to improve perseverance and patience, and make them see that they can overcome obstacles and improve in their activities.

3. Painting benefits your self-esteem, especially in older adults
Painting give a sense of accomplishment—that they are capable of carrying out an activity successfully, which makes them feel valuable and independent and, as a consequence, happier. This fact undoubtedly affects the general health of the older adults and those who have any type of anxiety or depression.

4. Painting benefits motor issues
The use of pencils, colors, erasers and other tools to paint—they all help people to develop the handling of small and fine objects, which with age becomes increasingly complicated. In addition, the use of these objects means that one has to combine skills in both muscles and bones and nerves in order to perform the necessary movements to paint. This helps them control hand, arm movements, and brain connections.

4 Reasons Why Art Should Be in Your Life


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