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Doing something hard is rarely popular. And while the going can get tough, good things, hard things, and worthwhile things have greater purpose than a single individual or profit margin, and that's why 7th & Palm is still here. This business was created so that we could give away more of our time and resources to help others...and build a business model along the way that puts that type of giving mentality, purposeful business practices, and habits at the core of everything. We love seeing and learning about other organizations that have the same model, but the truth is that they're rare and sometimes go unnoticed.

By shopping and sharing the 7th & Palm brand with others, you are supporting our 1/1/1 philanthropy model. We pledge to give away at least 1% of our success by donating 1% of our time, 1% of our product, and 1% of our profit each year to organizations we believe in—both locally and globally—through events, silent auctions, product donations, volunteering, and more.

We consider it mission critical that we met and exceeded our pledge in 2016 in all three areas. Here are just a few of the organizations that were part of our pledge this past year:

Bluffton Self Help
BSH is a local non-profit in Bluffton, SC that provides free food, clothing, and financial aid for neighbors in need. They help families and individuals through crisis and poverty, all while supporting them to become more self-reliant. 

Samaritan's Purse
Since 1970, Samaritan’s Purse has helped meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

First Love International
Supporting dear friends working in Kenya, our hearts are captivated by the work First Love is doing. The ministry in Nairobi includes running a Children’s Home for orphaned girls and boys, hosting ministry teams, and the development of vocational programs and housing for children over the age of 18 as they transition to independence.

Simply put, A21 exists to abolish injustice in the 21st century through a comprehensive system achieving preventative measures to help potential victims evade trafficking, victim protection through shelters and aftercare program, prosecution of violators, and strategic partnerships. To meet the global need for rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration, A21 has established 11 field offices, shelters, transition homes, and administrative bases in 10 countries.

Society of Bluffton Artists
Operated by artist members, SOBA is a non-profit organization established to promote a stimulating community environment for the visual arts and assist area students and artists in enhancing their artistic abilities. This volunteer-based membership also does various fundraisers throughout the year to support other local organizations in the community.

We also chose to support many other organizations in our personal life, but wanted to share these particular passion projects. Serving others comes first, so let us be an encouragement to you to do something bold and uncommon in the coming year!

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