Artisan Showcase at the Farmer's Market of Bluffton, South Carolina

7th & Palm at the Bluffton Farmer's Market

We love shopping local and helping make a very real difference to small business owners. And now we get to be on the other side of it, participating in one of our very favorite markets right here in Bluffton, South Carolina. 

The Farmer's Market of Bluffton's mission is to undertake educational and charitable activities by promoting the health benefits of and providing access to fresh, local produce to the general populace through an outlet for local agricultural providers to sell their products directly to customers. Said more simply, they provide a place for local farmers to interact with and sell directly to the community they live and work in. And we love it! Less chemicals, less pesticides, and the chance to know exactly where the food you're eating is coming from.

Starting this year, the Farmer's Market has introduced an Artisan Showcase on the first Thursday of the month, and we're so excited to be a vendor! As a local artist, I'm so excited to offer unique, American-made greeting cards, coastal stationery, art prints, tea towels, gifts, and artwork for your coastal collections and beach houses. Be sure to check it out and mark your calendars for other upcoming local festivals and markets in the lowcountry.

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