The Art of the Wall

The Art of the Wall

Tackling an empty wall can be a challenge, but it's possible to make an amazing impression with the right pieces. Mixing black and white photographs, custom artwork, and even making your own pieces can be a fun way to spruce up your space without sacrificing style. If you do have room to splurge on some gorgeous custom pieces, a little can go a long way.

To get a luxurious and professional look, the secret to a great wall is proper spacing and configuration. Here are a few tips to consider when wowing your guests:

  1. Find pieces you love. Don't buy just anything on sale—look hard for special pieces that stir up an emotion or tell a story. Support local artists and small businesses first with some special selections to keep your home unique, then use pieces from larger stores to supplement your decor smartly. 
  1. Hang wall decor in groups. Try grouping two or three framed prints, lined up side by side over a couch or along a dining room. If the wall is shorter or in a hall or entry, try stacking square pieces with a few inches in between each frame. For a larger grouping, purchase one or two great prints or pieces of art and supplement the collage with simple but classic items, like a framed landscape from vacation or a family photograph.
  1. Mix and match with a unifying element. You can combine different types of wall decor, but keep a similar theme. For example, if you combine photographs and artwork, use the same color frame. You can use different frame styles, but the unifying color will pull it together. Or, if you use different kinds of artwork on a wall, stick to a similar tone or color palette.
  1. Experiment. If you're unsure of your selections, configuration, or just want to keep your options open, I personally love using 3M picture or frame hangers. And no, 3M didn't pay us to say that—we just love the flexibility of not putting a hole in the wall!

For more ideas and inspiration, follow our Wall Decor Display Ideas board on Pinterest. If you're ready to refresh your walls with some bright custom pieces, browse our wall decor and art prints. Happy spring decorating!

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