6 Hand-Lettered Scripts to Inspire You

6 Hand-Lettered Scripts to Inspire You

Inspiration seems hard to come by lately, as it seems the news is filled with more and more bad news each week. Between debilitating storms, terrorism, racism, and the next news story of the week—my heart gets so heavy with the hurt and loss swirling around in this broken world. And when we're not caught up in worrying about those things, our own lives consume us, in a busy rush to do more, have more, and be more. I've spent the last few years reshaping my life and making conscious, hard decisions to put God first, family second, and all else third, and I can honestly say that it isn't easy! I'm a work in progress, but these scripts are some really important concepts I've been reminded of along the way.

All Heart Art Print - Soul Scripts by 7th & Palm Pray Big T-Shirt - Soul Scripts by 7th & Palm Be Fearless Art Print - Soul Scripts by 7th & Palm
Simplify T-Shirt - Soul Scripts by 7th & Palm Dream On Art Print - Soul Scripts by 7th & Palm Breathe Deep T-Shirt - Soul Scripts by 7th & Palm

The Soul Scripts Collection is a set of hand-lettered scripts, meant to inspire and encourage you to slow down, breathe deep, and live authentically. Each script is available as a super-soft athletic tee and archival print, ready to pop into a standard-sized frame or to give as the perfect gift. All products are printed exclusively in the USA. Which script speaks to you the most?

  1. All Heart: This is what it means to love fiercely and feel deeply. What can we accomplish when we put loving and serving others first? We can change the world.
  2. Breathe Deep: Do we really know what it means to breathe deeply? To choose joy? To evaluate our choices carefully, and to pre-decide? In a world that moves too fast, we have to make the conscious decision to take a step back and say no more so that we can say yes to the truly great things ahead of us.
  3. Dream On: My dream is to change other's lives with my art. To see the world. To live a life where serving and loving others supersedes all the rest. What's your big, God-sized dream?
  4. Simplify: Less is often more, whether it's our things, schedules, commitments, and goals. This quest is to be mindful of what we have and what we need, so that there's room left for the truly great opportunities that come our way.
  5. Pray Big: There is so much destruction in our world, but we can still pray big. God promises us immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine—so let's hit our knees and cover this broken world in prayer.
  6. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire: Whether I move mountains or change one life in that pursuit—that type of work sets my soul on fire.⠀

I hope these inspirational quotes move you. I hope they help you pray bold prayers and encourage you to follow your dreams. Want to view some of my other inspirational apparel and art prints? There's something for everyone, including totes, mugs, and assorted gifts for the home.

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