2017 Home Decor Trends: 7 Thoughts on What's In and What's Out

Here are a few home decor trends and tips for 2017 to kick the year into high gear.

Shadow Wall Color by Benjamin Moore Greenery 2017 Pantone Color of the Year Color Study by Andrea Smith

Here's what's in:

  1. Minimalism. While giving everything away and building a tiny house may not be for you, it's still time to clean things out and adopt a "less is more" mantra.
  2. Statement pieces. Supporting billionaires via big box stores is the cheap way to go, but spending a little extra time finding local art and goods is the best way to support your community and shop local. Visit an art fair. Look up local markets. And when you find something with a story that you love, it's actually better for the environment to spend a little more on that one thing than on ten mass-produced pieces shipped from overseas. We have too much information at our fingertips to ignore what overconsumption is doing our world. And while that's not an overnight switch for many of us, our choices, one at a time, do matter.
  3. Jewel tones. The Pantone color of the year, Greenery, is a lush, vivid shade of lime, and the paint world followed suit by coining wall colors for 2017 like a rich shade of amethyst, Shadow by Benjamin Moore, and Behr's 2017 Color Trends, showcasing bold hues like Jade (teal green), Hot & Spicy (coral red), and Fired Up (fire orange).
  4. "Hygge." Danish for something nice, cozy, safe and known, this is another lifestyle trend that's seeping into home decor. Dial up the texture and comfort and dial down cold, impersonal spaces.

Here's what's out:

  1. Sticking to one time period. Mixing is the new modern, so if you fall in love with an antique, pair it with a mix of simple, modern pieces that keep a room luxe and fresh. If you have a retro chair, don't go all-in with the 70s, but pair it with modern tones, organic textures, and complimentary shapes.
  2. Stainless steel. Copper is the new gold, and it's popping up more and more, especially in cabinetry hardware and accent colors. Stainless will still have a place as a reliable, basic choice, but you'll see it emphasized less and less and morphed into more mattified tones.
  3. All white. See "hygge" and jewel tones above—but sparse white rooms will now be paired with bold tones and texture like navy fabrics, chunky knits, and softened corners.

Agree or disagree? What's your favorite trend that's popping up everywhere?

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